Siri Voice Commands Integrated into a Coda Time Tracker

I have been using this for a while and thought I would share it!

It’s a time/habit tracker that integrates with Siri on any modern Apple Device without any extra software… except for Coda of course. You can use both the time tracker template and the voice commands using the free tier of Coda.

It uses a combination of webbooks and Apple’s Shortcuts app to achieve a seamless, handsfree experience for clocking in, clocking out, adding notes, and revising missed punches.

The available commands are…

  • “Clock me in for [category].”

  • “Clock me out.”

  • “Clock me out and add some notes.”
    Clocks you out and brings up a popup to type in notes that will be added to the punch.

  • “I forgot to clock out at 5:15pm.”
    Looks for any punches that you’re clocked in to, and edits it’s end time to reflect the time you said.

  • “Clock me in for [category] and add some notes.”

  • “I forgot to clock in for [category] at 5:15pm.”
    Looks for any punches that you’re currently clocked in to, ends those punches with the stated time and creates a new punch with the stated time and category.

It only takes 4ish~ minutes to fully setup, I have a guide for it below that has links to the shortcut and template!

Be MORE Productive in 4 mins (Use Siri to Track Time & Habits) - YouTube

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