Table view is not sent as notification content

today I noticed that if the notification result contains the table view, this will not be visible in the email message sent by Coda automation.
All I see is [unknown object] instead of the table expected

Hi Pavel, welcome to the community!

As the message suggests, you can’t represent objects in a notification but you can represent content from the object. To elaborate, say the automation is triggered by a row change. You could reference content from the row in the notification message as text by using a formula. Let me know if that helps!

Thank you for the response,
Could you please nudge me to the right article showing the way to retrieve cell comtents as text?

By the way, is there a way to create a kind of hash-table to push it to notification?

Hi Pavel, of course: there’s this doc that our amazing content team produced covering all different kinds of notification use cases. The link should already take you to the right page.

Concerning a hash table, I’m not familiar with what that is but I don’t think we support pushing tabular data through a notification. You’re welcome to push through lists of values though if you have a way of processing them!