The CODA GTD Manifesto

I have implemented many very creative and smart suggestions find in the Codans community to build and entire GTD system that David Allen itself would be amazed too!
Thank you @shishir and all Coda Team for have made my life free to build anything I need! I have written my Coda Manifesto in Medium here :point_down:t2:

How CODA can change your GTD game forever


great. I currently have my gtd system with trello, I wanted to do it in coda but in trello it is very easy to capture. I’m going to study your system. thanks

I’m curious if the new card updates make this an easier transition for you…

Great article @GiacomoPasini!

Thank you for posting and for shedding some light on how to make things even more productive!

Thank you @BenLee if you remember you assisted me on my document regarding my calendar issues! Now that you have the attachments in beta the whole referencing system (so important and engrained in GTD) will become even better!! :blush:

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I have transitioned from Trello to Coda 2 months ago :rofl::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
As I have written in my article Coda have changed my GTD forever.


@Ximo_Escamilla this is only the beginning. I have built the capturing system in Coda with nested trigger list like pictures by David Allen himself. I could using different views visualize the same task transforming it from

I have specific views for
Next Actions
Someday Maybe

@BenLee I have a strange issue I would like to check with you. I have different buttons for different detail view of the same table.

If I use the button in the right section page it works fine (I have coded the url for the open view + rowId) but if I already have a detail view open the only way to change it is that I expand a text field, than close it and when I do that I get presented with the view related to the button clicked.

For example I have a view with specific column related to peoples, another that takes the date and time to transform the task in events, another one for evaluation and scores etc etc.

hello, how do you do to capture from the smartphone? Have you found a system to make it easy and not have to open the coda application every time? I am studying connecting coda with braintoss.

Thank you for your kind answer.
Actually I am using the Coda App version with the brain sweep page pinned.

Also I am planning to learn the Coda APIs to use iOS shortcuts and integrations with note taking apps I use such as drafts or voice triggered inputs

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