Twist from Doist/Todoist pack

Hi, I posted in the Todoist suggestion about another of Doist’s apps, Twist:

I wanted to set up a separate topic here to make the suggestion for Twist on its own. This is a great Slack alternative that my team has been using and is appreciating.

The key with Twist is that you have to put your chats into a “thread” which requires a subject. This brings context to the chat, and also makes it easier for others to respond, and to search. Regular IM’ing is of course also available, so nothing of Slack is lost that we used. And Slack surprisingly does not have this type of thread - Slack’s threads are just extensions of IM’s so they get buried easily.

Granted, Twist has a lot less of the bells and whistles than Slack, but we have found Slack a distraction and so far Twist better meets our needs because it 1)cuts down on the distractions, and 2)keeps chatter on a specific topic via the Threads approach.

What I’d love to see in an integration that would allow you to quickly add a Twist IM into a Coda doc as a row that could be actionable. Ideally with some annotation that it originated in Twist, with a link back to the Twist chat where the item was first mentioned. In fact this is the functionality I’d like to see in the Slack integration as well - for now the one-way from Coda to Slack is not useful for me as we do not post updates to Slack - in fact we post nothing as it’s hard enough already to keep the chatter in there under control!

Thanks guys as always for your consideration!