UPS PACK Refresh

Is theere a way to refresh the UPS-Pack data when someone enters a doc or do it periodicaly. Not sure how much use this is without being able to do that.

Our use case is we import from the USA shipping via UPS to Australia and the shipment may go through 10 or 15 steps to get to us over a week or more. This means the pack status can be updated multiple times a day. Annoying to do this manually.

Hey @Jeff_Wright I got you! I too was flummoxed by the manual refresh. Here’s how you can set it to update hourly. Go to Explore then search for UPS then next to Buliding Blocks click on Settings and then you will see Default Refresh Rate - set to Hourly:

I also pinged the Codans to change the default as manual seems like the worst user experience:

Good luck!

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Thanks for that worked a treat