What is the formula to refer to a clicked button?

I would like to refer to Buttons which is “clicked” (in a table column) with a formula. In the formula I would like to trigger something only if the Button is clicked.

E.g. There is a task and if you click the button “Done” the task is done. I would like to send a message to Slack with an automation every day at 9 a.m. from all the tasks which is done (clicked). I can’t find the way how to refer in a formula to a “clicked button”

Thanks in adavance!

You could create a column called Marked Done and then when the button is clicked it marks its row as Marked Done. Then you add an automation that sends a slack message for each row that has a checkmark.

I would indeed add a new row called done (set as a checkbox).
Also add a done_at column in which you store the date when the button was clicked.
In your automation, you can then easily check all task done yesterday :slight_smile:

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So it means there is no formula like Button(on) or Button(True) I need to do a workaround?

There is no such formula, you would need to go with the solution that @Connor_McCormick & @Thoma_BIGUERES1 suggested.
On the side note I think that is only “reasonable” solution, as Button(on) or (True) could be very tricky to implement in many cases, for example what about buttons that you can press many times repeatedly, that don’t have just on and off state? What would be true and false in that case. The way it is setup now you have flexibility to design a custom formula (with use of additional column) and precisly define when you want some action to trigger using many complex requirements if needed.

Yes! Make sense! Okay thank you so much! :slight_smile: