When will Coda unveil tipping for makers?

This seems inevitable right? Just like Twitter recently rolled out BTC tipping for creators with Strike network and all the other web3 models rewarding creators.

Seems like such a great use case for Coda — I can see popular templates gathering plenty of micro donations giving the nature of the coda community.

Ever see a world like this @shishir ? :cowboy_hat_face:

Sounds like an intersting idea for a pack as well :thinking:



But I do think this is easier said than done.

In the meantime I have put a link to Ko-Fi in my help docs, FWIW


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Tipping for makers of what? Doc templates? There’s been some talk about eventually building a paid template economy in the Gallery.

There’s going to be paid custom Packs marketplace. They said it so two days ago at the Block Party.
So the same will probably come to templates as well.
Also there’s the $1M fund for Makers by Coda themselves.

Meanwhile some of us were doing it off Coda. E.g., someone sold their templates through Gumroad. Piet put a Ko-Fi link. And I’ve been running a Patreon — tip away, lol :slight_smile:


It us going to be intersting to see how the “Coda economy” develops.

I can see training, selling Coda consulting time, selling Coda templates, or a subscription to a doc (How to keep the users apart?), selling business consulting/ office automation services with Coda as enabler, etc, etc.

Selling packs/ access to packs; including packs of formulas - e.g. financial formulas - Present value, Future Value, Payments, etc., or statistical analysis or engineering…

I think Coda is about to explode.


Yes, very likely. And if you toss in the ability to compensate with crypto-currency, yet additional advantages will emerge. I can see a confluence of NFTs and Coda; haven’t thought this one through, but there are likely causes for stringently authenticating a document.

Absolutely. The economic drivers are all in alignment and queued up for some serious commerce possibilities. Universally, whether it’s tipping or payment for time, templates, code, or solutions – the model could be represented through a single commerce pathway.


It’s similar to what monday.com has done for the past 1 year. I hope Coda will be more than monday or even airtable. It’s becoming my preferred source of documenting/tracking/charting/projects/financial/etc.

I’m not sure how trivial/essential, but I prefer custom domain for the coda doc such as abc.coda.io rather than coda.io/@abc/time-tracker-table