Automation Google Calendar Event Create error


I have a button that creates a Google Calendar Event. The button works when I press it.

I had automated the button upon a new row created, triggered hidden cell. This worked before. Now when I test the rule, it says:

Google Calendar error ‘end must come after start’

While the event does in fact starts before it ends.

I need some help to resolve this.


hi @Bram_Visser , maybe the date settings make the it look like a date before.
Can you try to put the date on USA settings (month, day, year).
I have little experience with these packs, maybe others have better ideas.
Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks Christiaan,

The date setting were on US already. Tried a couple of other settings but got the same result.

Maybe there are some other suggestions in the community:)

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