Doodle-Like Task forms from list

I want to create a form that allows people to register for certain tasks.

  1. I have a list of Podcasts

  2. Four columns are important:

  • Name of the person who registers + field for E-Mail address
  • They should be able to pick multiple options from the form
  • BUT: only from the series that haven’t been picked yet

  1. The form should be like this:
  • Person puts in name and Email-address
  • Name will be filled in the “Reviewer colomn”
  • A person can pick multiple “series” from a dropdown or checklist. This will check the box “assigned” in the table. So when someone checks “Genesis”, the “assigned-checkbox” in the genesis row will be activated.
  • The next person does the same, BUT only sees the options, that are not checked “assigned” yet.
  1. Bonus: If people could see how many episodes exist, what the due date is (etc)! // If the table could be sorted by a rating within the table

:wave: Hey there!

BA In Biblical and Theological studies here, so happy to help out a project on these ancient texts!

Can you explain more about your use-case though first? You said you want to have a “form” that allows for individuals to sign-up for tasks, but in my experience forms are best used to allow external users (individuals without access to your doc, or without an account at all) to add rows of information to a document.

It sounds like users may have access to your doc though? Is that true?

If you can give a little more information on your end goal and end user/experience I’d be happy to throw some suggestions your way!

Hey Scott, nice to meet you.

I coordinate a project with external volunteers/contractors. Only I want to see the final table with all information. I want external people to see the FORM ONLY and see only tasks, that are available.

Whenever someone applies for EXODUS, the next person shouldn’t see that option anymore.

If I could dream, this would be the form (Yellow = fields that can me filled-in or selected):

But all the calculation could be dropped.
Most simply: Someon external person goes to the form, checks the books of the Bible they want to review. Their names and Email address will be filled in the Coda table, and the checkbox “assigned” will be checked. The next person will choose from the options, that are left.

Here you go!

I got you your ideal: watch the video and let me know if you have any other questions

After you watch the video, see the example doc below. Also, the video talked about create a “new row trigger automation” - If you need to know how to do those, I drafted up a video on that as well [HERE]


that is a clever set-up with the indeed great advantage people don’t have to enter a coda doc, they just can select and confirm, very well done @Scott_Collier-Weir

I would have thought about a filter in the lookup that only shows the options that are not yet selected :


in this case you do not need an automation I guess, but I did not test it.

Cheers, Christiaan


I’m blown away by your service and competence :smiley: Wow! I’m gonna test it as soon as possible!

Now… here is a problem. And I feel a bit stupid to ask:
How can I populate and SYNC this table with all the information from the already existing table:

I want the Bookname, episodes (which are not the same as chapters in the book), Payment and status sync with my other table here.

I know how to add a table VIEW (not what I want). The whole Lookup, this row etc. still confuses me. It’s very simple in Excel/GSheets - =(D3), =(E3)…

I bet, it’s as simple in Coda. But how :slight_smile:

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir ,
thanks again for this great support. Would you please give me permission to copy that doc (and hidden pages) to my docs? And also SHARE the doc publically?

Just changed it so that you can copy! Glad it helped

I still can’t find the replies… Sorry.

Just scroll up to the document embedded in this conversation and press the Open In Coda button

Once you do, you will be able to copy the document with the large orange button on the front page that says “Copy this Doc”

OR you can always copy a doc with the three dot menu next to its name

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