Problem using the Airtable Pack

Hi All, I have synced a base from the new airtable pack and brought across one table successfully. I am trying to sync across a second table from the same base and no matter what I do the sync fails. I set up a new doc and tried to do it and it also failed. Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Going @Leandro_Zubrezki !!

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Hi @Sean_Hyland !

Creator of the Airtable Pack here, do you mind sharing your doc reproducing the failed sync with me? My email is, that way I can see the logs and double check what’s failing.

@Sean_Hyland thanks for sharing, I’ve added a comment in the doc, basically Coda is timing out while trying to download some of the attachments from Airtable. The solution right now is to select all fields for the sync but unselect the one that is of type files to avoid downloading them.

I will probably add a flag in the future that configure whether to download or not attachments.

is it possible that coda is scanning the files before showing them and that this takes time? On top more than one file per row seems impossible or am I mistaken?

No no, the problem is that it’s taking too much time to download the files and the sync run times out. The scanning happens when you want to view the file but not during the download and yes, more than one is possible, the column is attachments array.

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Thanks for your help all.

The issue was resolved once I took attachments out of the sync.

Really loving the pack @Leandro_Zubrezki and thanks again for your time on this.


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