Replicate Base Project For Each New User

I was hoping to be able to have a typeform be a lead generation tool for my Coda project base. Whenever a user completes the typeform I was going to Zap in the data with Zapier but I’d like each new submission to be on a new base so they can add their team without being part of others bases. Is this possible? Are there any other ways to accomplish this, per chance?

Thanks In advance!

Dear @Ian_Atwater

Each new submitted typeform should go to one table.
Next to all the columns of your data coming from typeform you will have another column where you have a dropdown of all of your teams and somebody will have to assign the appropriate team.

Depending on the use case the assignment to a team could also automated when for example the subject is “fruit” to assign to the “fruit team” and for “vegies” to the “veggies team”.

Then you should create as many views as you have teams of this table to get what you are looking for.
These views will always be up to date as they are related to your main table receiving info from typeform.

Does this make sense. :handshake:

Thanks for the reply Jean!

I do understand the approach, that’s a good one! In the scenario above, all users would have access to the entire base and subsequently be a risk for altering the wrong data. Is that correct?

Dear @Ian_Atwater,

With the methods as described by @Krunal_Sheth, you will be very well able to avoid unwanted access.