Support to export Coda attachment to Zapier

@BenLee suggested I move my question about accessing a Coda attachment in Zapier to here. I frequently use Zapier to move, duplicate and rename files. I’ve been doing this for a couple years across different platforms. With the introduction of Forms, I started using Coda attachments as my initial location for many of my files so I could add custom attributes before sending along to Zapier to create backups or to share in different locations. However, it doesn’t appear that Zapier (or Coda?) currently supports recognizing Coda files.

I also tried this in Integromat and couldn’t seem to get it to work.

I don’t know how big of an API update this would be, but I would love to have that supported so I can continue to leverage the advantages of using Coda forms for receiving new files (expenses, applications, etc.).

Here is my original post for what I am trying to accomplish: Launched: File Uploads & Attachments - #44 by Tim_Sherrod


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@oleg Do you know if there is any other way to export/pass an attachment through the API without manually downloading? I noticed you also can’t access Coda images in Zapier, which have been out for a while. Wasn’t sure if that means this is a design decision or if it is just a matter of it being a feature that hasn’t been built out yet.

I’m really wanting to use the Coda forms for more things but having a hard time because of the difficulty to get the files out of Coda once they have been added.

Hi @Tim_Sherrod, looks like @BenLee addressed your question here: Launched: File Uploads & Attachments - #45 by BenLee

Fair enough @oleg. Thanks. I think I was originally trying to make it work specifically with Zapier when interacting with @BenLee and received that answer, but was asking you about the Coda API direct, which deviates from my suggestion title. But I can see that Ben did not limit his answer to Zapier when looking back at it. I don’t know how to use the Coda API and probably wouldn’t be able to learn it for this single application anyway so probably not a fruitful follow-up. I’m eager to find a solution but I also know I’m probably a minority trying to accomplish this so it shouldn’t be considered a priority. Thanks for the response.

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