Update information of a column referred in another column of another table

Hi there,

In my coda doc I have a table called Common Data in which I store specific data that should consistently stay the same across all different tables:

  • City: no matter what table, list of dropdown city should be the same
  • Project status: no matter what project management table created by anyone, statuses should be the same (to do, doing, done, blocked).

However, whenever I update the data in the Common Data table column for example, changing City ABC to City A B C, the information would not change across different column referred in different tables. So to keep filters and such working, I have to go and update the data across all the table that referred this column of Common Data.

Is there a solution to this?

Thank you

Dear @Tu_Bui,

The column of the table that you want to let take the common data should be a lookup column referencing to the table like in this sample below:

As you can see I changed “New York” to “New York_” and in the Overview table New York is with the underscore!

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Thank you, it solves the problem.