Best iOS form app for adding entries to Coda?

What is the best iOS app for quickly creating entries in Coda? I’m looking for an app that (a) lets me set up structured forms/fields for entry, (b) works quickly, even when offline – so I can capture and sync later, and © can be pointed to a default form (so I don’t have to click through several screens to get to my form – that’s the problem with the Coda app).


I have set up a Coda doc as the repository for all my story ideas, but I’m finding Coda’s iOS app a bit unwieldy for adding new entries to my table. (My pre-Coda workflow is documented here; I’m now using Coda in place of Google Docs.)

My original workflow involved adding new ideas to Evernote; each new Evernote note then becomes a new row in Coda. Since Evernote is slow on iOS I use a speedy little app called Drafts to capture my ideas; it syncs to Evernote, and then Evernote adds a row to Coda (via Zapier.). But Drafts is unstructured, and I would prefer to set up a form that lets me capture specific fields and write them to Coda columns.

I thought about Typeform but I don’t think there’s a way for me to app-ify it on my phone; the best I could do is save a shortcut to my phone (which I could do with Coda, too) and then it wouldn’t work when I’m offline.

Any ideas?