Downloading a pdf file with an option for renaming

In our operational procedures, the utilization of various forms is indispensable, encompassing a wide range of activities such as Security patrol rounds and applications. One particular source of frustration lies in the fact that, upon attempting to export these forms as PDF files, they are automatically named after the table from which they originate. Regrettably, the lack of an option to rename the files during the download process exacerbates this inconvenience.

It would greatly enhance our workflow efficiency to have the ability to rename the exported PDF files at the time of download. However, an even more advantageous solution would be the implementation of a customizable naming convention for downloaded files. For instance, when generating PDF files for security rounds, the option to automatically append the date to the table name or, in the case of applications, including the name of the applicant and the position applied for, would significantly streamline our file management practices. Alternatively, a simple inclusion of the date in the file name would prove immensely beneficial.

By incorporating such functionality into our systems, we would empower our users to establish consistent and meaningful file naming conventions that align with their specific requirements. Consequently, this enhancement would not only alleviate the frustration associated with generic file names but also contribute to a more organized and intuitive document management process.

This is really my only frustration at the moment with Coda.

Just an idea - what if you used Documint to create the PDF documents and in that process, rename the target files.

Another approach - we rename all documents in our automated (custom) process.

I have looked at documint before but it sure would be nice if this would do that natively without a pack or 3rd party service.

Documint did, for a brief week, allow you to pass a custom name from coda when creating a PDF that, when downloaded, maintained the user provided name

But they had to backtrack those changes. Let me check in with the team again and see where they are at in terms of re enabling that feature.