Gratitude for the Codans

It. Looks. Like. It. May. Have. Been. A. Challenging. Past. Week. To. Be. A. Codan. Based. On. The. Feedback. Following. The. Pricing. Announcement. Many. Coda. Users. Shared. Their. Thoughts. About. How. The. Pricing. Would. Impact. Their. Coda. Usage. All. This. User. Feedback. Has. Been. Time. And. Energy. Intensive. For. All. Involved.

Not missing the forest for the trees, I would like to express my gratitude for the humans behind the Coda curtain.

@shishir 's creating a culture that values user feedback (@ 25:30 to 27:25)

@alexdeneui a founder who stops by just to say “hello” (!)

mallika 's endless answers

@Al_Chen_Coda 's Coda YouTube channel that give context to doc templates

angad 's confidence in Coda, and improved doc speed

alden 's work on formula preview

Ankur_Bhatia 's building the Coda’s data analytics models

adamginzberg64 's work on Coda images

benlee 's leaving REI to become a Codan

BenDavis 's leaving intercom to check in on Coda users like me at opportune moments

betty 's taking time to pre-announce hiding documents

Charlotte_Espeland 's choosing Coda

@chris 's enthusiasm for functionality/ searchability of Coda docs store in Google Drive (even if Google Shared Drive’s aren’t supported… yet)

evan 's teaching me how to concatenate

Evan_Brooks 's work on the visual refresh

fortes 's achieving the pinnacle of location independence

gilgoldshlager41 's work on Coda packs

@Glenn_Jaume 's moving from England to bring us cross doc

harisiva 's troubleshooting the trickier situations

Helena_Jaramillo 's work on packs tables (& cross doc & spotify)

Himanshu 's bringing us the ability to remove “Sent via this doc”

@jaime 's comments on Coda pricing (@ 52:00 to 53:30)

Jason_Tamulonis 's work on formula chips

@jerols 's work on the Coda mobile app (a good reminder, this stuff is hard)

joe 's teaching me how to use the Slack pack :wink:

@John_Coda 's bringing Salesforce to the masses (without having to pay $5,000 to a dev for every change)

JonathanGoldman 's choosing Coda (please build us GPS metadata functionality)

John_Li1 's choosing Coda

Kelsey_Chan 's choosing Coda and for keyboard shortcuts

kennymendes 's making sure the right Codans are on the bus

@Krunal_Sheth 's being the champion of the folding table

Josiah_Krutz 's work on embedding external content

justin 's teaching me how to use select lists to look up from other tables

lane 's teaching me about buttons

Laura_Tsunoda 's puzzle enthusiasm

@maria as the face of the most underrated channel on YouTube and for your comments on pricing (@ 53:30 to 55:50)

Matthew_Tebbs 's work on Coda links

matthudson 's defending Coda user’s on the “selling-of-data” frontier

Moriah 's choosing Coda

nagle 's being the Codan researcher

nathan 's bringing us charts and doc locking

nigel 's work on presentation mode

oleg on how Codans communicate with users, how Coda constantly gets better, & about security and privacy

preeyanka 's work on in doc templates

raechel 's growing the Coda team

sohan 's love of data (and avocados)

SpencerChang 's choosing Coda

Steve 's work on the new doc UI

Thomas_Hils 's work on the template to view task by day of the week

Tim_James 's candidness on dev decisions

tjeby 's teaching me how to slice URLs

These people :point_up_2: are Coda’s best feature


How sweet :grin: :+1: AND true :grin: :+1: :clap: !


Agree. 100%
Nice post @jeo!


Hi @jeo - thank you for this. I woke up to see this and it is like winning an Emmy. I appreciate you going through the effort of finding things to highlight about so many of us and appreciating us here.

You’ve made my day and I am sure others will be feeling the same.


Totally agree with Mallika. What an amazing thing to read first thing in the morning. You’re incredibly thoughtful. Thank you!


This just made my day :hugs: It may have been a challenging past week to be a Codan, but it’s feeling pretty good right now :wink: Thanks so much for the kind note!


Thank you very much @jeo!


Wow, I’m floored @jeo - you just made my day and also my next few weeks. Thank you for being so thoughtful!


Thank you, @jeo! This must have taken a lot of time to put together, so I hope you know how much this means to me :blush:


I can’t put into words how much this post means to me and the whole Coda team. Thank you, @jeo! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart :slight_smile:


Thank you, @jeo! This is such a wonderful expression of gratitude. Equally, we feel grateful for our community members like you!


What an amazing gesture on your part @jeo. It is incredibly heart warming, and I’m sure brought a tear to many a people’s eyes (including mine).

Thank you.



@jeo you prove what I always tell people. Our customers are the best part of Coda!


Thank you @jeo - you are very kind.


Thank you so much @jeo! I’m overwhelmed!


Thank you for the appreciation @jeo!


Super boost to our team and myself here at Coda. @jeo HUGE THANK YOU! -jaime


I’ve been reading through all of the links you have at the top of that post. They will stay top-of-mind for me.


I know this has been here over a month, but just discovered it, fully 100% agree @jeo, I’ve had a ton of help from the team, and although in my particular case I’ve had some struggles with Coda, as great as the product is, it’s the team that keeps me committed and convinced to put in the time and effort to on board my own team. I believe deeply in the future of Coda with a team like this!

Keep up the great work guys!